Halloween Proposals with Laser-Drilled Diamonds

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 6:35:34 AM America/Los_Angeles


Halloween is a favorite holiday for the young at heart. If you’re looking to give your best ghoul the treat of a lifetime, October 31 may be the best time of year to present your significant with a laser-drilled diamond.  It’s true: many people find Halloween to be a romantic day. Think about the movie Nightmare Before Christmas (which is really about Halloween). The only thing missing from Tim Burton’s scary/romantic plot was Jack Skellington presenting Sally with a laser-drilled diamond engagement ring.

If you and your soul mate share a passion for Halloween treats, here a few creative ideas for popping the question on All Hallows Eve:                                                                                                                                   

Surprise Treating / Are you ever too old to trick or treat? One way or another, you need to set up a scenario where your well-intended loved one will receive her long time wish. One that she has been hinting about. Did you know most young men avoid giving diamond treats? They get spooked out. Young ladies are usually more romantic. What a great, unusual surprise for gals to receive a diamond as a Halloween treat. Have a brew. You should be ready. The clock is ticking. Present her with a magnificat laser-drilled diamond. Her girlfriends will believe you are so very sweet and creative. They will be so happy for her! You may never get to the party…

Ultimate Treat: Halloween parties are filled with costumes, masks and candy. Some bring flowers when they pick up their dates. But flowers wilt and candy is consumed. Two weeks later the positive energy wears off. Why not bring her a candy bar?  She maybe cool. Or she could say “blah” “what’s this for?” Wait for the right moment. Let her do her thing. Now that magic moment has arrived. Tell her you want a bite. Let her open the wrapper. And out comes this magnificent laser drill diamond. Watch the previous emotion turn into EXCITEMENT.

Dress Up / If Halloween is one of your favorite fun holidays, you can dress up for a party and enjoy the festivities of the night. If you know you’re going to propose in a costume, pick an outfit your partner will remember forever. How about the prince in the Budweiser commercial?. Maybe Austin Powers? How about The Pink Panther in the movie about the diamond caper?Halloween proposals are as awe-inducing as laser-drilled diamonds themselves. Best of all, depending on a diamond’s variables (color, cut, clarity, carat weight, symmetry, polish), a laser-drilled diamond can be priced significantly less than other diamonds. The price of a high-quality, laser-drilled diamond can actually save you more than 50 percent!

What is laser drilling? It’s a process for improving the clarity of a diamond that may have been mined with a noticeable black inclusion. A microscopic laser is used to remove this dark spot. Conclusive results: A beautiful, higher clarity grade for the diamond that now has superb sparkle.

The laser application is clean, precise, and will never interfere with the integrity of a diamond. The process will actually raise the appearance! Laser-drilled Hader Diamonds are dazzling and radiant—and come with affordable price tags.

For example: A large dark inclusion might impede roughly 25%- 30% percent of a diamond’s sparkle. Laser drilling will improve fire and sparkle. And this modern technology won’t affect mass or sacrifice carat weight.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) says laser-drilling won’t cause a diamond to fracture. It will maintain structurally strong. The appearance will last a lifetime. These diamonds require no special care and can be worn and cleaned like all other natural diamonds.

If Halloween is one your fun holiday, then use the day to make a forever memory. Go ahead and plan a proposal with a laser-drilled diamond. The result will be a fantastic evening, a sparkling gem on your partner’s ring finger. -See you in the winner’s circle! ♦

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