What does it mean when a diamond is "Clarity Enhanced?"

Thursday, April 12, 2012 12:51:16 PM America/Los_Angeles

What does it mean when a diamond is “Clarity Enhanced?”

The term clarity enhanced diamonds refers to a process that improves a diamond’s clarity by removing surface inclusions that occur when:

1. A diamond cutter errors and creates a surface inclusion during the diamond cutting process.
2. Nature produces inclusions during the formation stage. Some of these inclusions will appear as carbon dots.

Most naturally formed diamonds have inclusions. Diamonds that are free of inclusions, or "flawless," are extremely rare, which makes them very expensive. Purchasing a clarity enhanced diamond offers the buyer an opportunity to own a diamond that looks flawless, enjoy dynamic cost savings and get a larger diamond for the same money.

The process of clarity enhancement involves filling surface inclusions with a permanent, diamond-like substance that adds no additional carat weight. Some carbon inclusions are removed by a laser drilling process. These processes are performed by master technicians that understand the physical properties of natural diamonds. The end result is a diamond that appears more brilliant and flawless—while still being affordable.

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