Clarity Enhanced DIamonds - Chosen by a Gentleman of Romantic Persuasion

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 4:09:23 PM America/Los_Angeles

Yes, romance does work! So do you want to invest in one of the most meaningful ways of telling the love of your life that you want her, you need her, and you will love her for ever? Do you want to tell her that she's a "keeper" and you want to mirror your intentions by gifting her with something magnificent both its symbolism and value?  Perhaps she's already yours and you want to prove it to her? Above all, it must be a gift which not only bonds you both forever but which gives her undeniable delight... all within your budget.


Classical in every way, your path will be that of the diamond; a diamond which stands for all of the above and more – endurance, strength, longevity, and undeniable beauty. And because you are smart with your resources, you have chosen a clarity enhanced diamond from Hadar Diamonds. At Hadar, we have the knowledge, expertise, credentials, and personal service that you need to make this important emotional, financial, and social decision. Your desire is our wish. Now here's the scenario.


As he took her hand in his, there was no mistaking the meaning of that smile on her lips and the sparkle in her eye. With only a brief glance at the 3 carat, glittering jewel on her finger, he knew that her heart had been melted.


But this isn't myth; this is as genuine as it is natural. And so are our clarity enhanced diamonds. All clarity enhanced diamonds come with that extra eye for perfection.  The clarity enhanced diamonds sold by Hadar Diamonds are natural diamonds with tiny flaws or "inclusions" made when a diamond cutter slips on the cutting wheel.  Hadar Diamonds only enhances diamonds of this type.  This is very important to know while shopping for a clarity enhanced stone, as man-made flaws occur only on the surface, not within the core of the diamond.  This translates into more stability than one internally flawed by nature's elements.  It's not commonly discussed, but the tiniest scratch on a diamond can reduce the value and brilliance of a stone. This is how the savings come to you.  Once restored to their original beauty, the clarity enhancement process is indistinguishable to the naked eye.  Not all diamonds are candidates, and we do not enhance just any diamond.  Nor, is it necessary to enhance all diamonds.  The certified gemologists at Hadar use a precise state-of-the-art technique to fill select stones with a diamond-like material that allows them to regain their original clarity, without increasing their weight.  


Clarity enhanced diamonds are genuine diamonds given a little extra attention to detail by us and selected by you. Like your intentions, they come with a life-time's warranty. Although you could be charged a mint for a rare piece of nature's perfection, you certainly won't need to part with anything like that for the equivalent quality at Hadar. You may be paying between 35% to 60% less for the same glorious sparkle and the same diamond glow. That will be a real beauty which both you and your partner will appreciate.


Nature takes her time but you need not hesitate in contacting our friendly staff for free expert advice about 'the' diamond which is out there for you. Choosing clarity enhanced not only ensures that your diamond is beautiful and genuine, it also provides an affordable option to give your lovely a larger diamond.  Long live romance!


Hadar Diamonds is not only an expert on clarity ehnanced diamonds, but all are one of the industry experts on ALL diamonds!  If you are interested in learning more about celebrity style HPHT diamonds or traditional GIA and other certified ideal cut diamonds, contact us today.  Our friendly, responsive jewelers will help you learn more, so you pay less.

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