Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Lifetime Warranty


Clarity enhanced diamonds from Hadar Diamonds are carefully selected to be equally brilliant and beautiful with advances in modern technology.  

After many years of testing, the EGL and other major, internationally recognized grading labs concur that clarity enhanced diamonds sold by Hadar Diamonds, Inc. are durable and safe under all forms of normal wear. The enhancement process is guaranteed to last forever. A diamond tester placed over the enhancement will test positive. If for any reason there is a mishap and the diamond requires re-enhancement, Hadar will do so at no additional charge. We recommend you do not expose the diamond to any harsh chemicals.

Steam cleaning, cleaning with dish soap or dropping the diamond into a glass of alka seltzer (two tablets) will more than adequately clean the diamond. We suggest the removal of your diamond prior to having a ring sized. The diamond can be reset after the sizing is completed. Be assured that it is totally safe to wear your diamond like any other diamond.