Bucket of Diamonds

We buy and sell clarity enhanced, laser drilled, natural HPHT, and GIA certified diamonds

Buckets of Diamonds—The Only US Diamond Brokerage Service Available to the Public 

It's a little known fact, but at the trade level, diamonds are bought and sold in a similar fashion as real estate. Just like the MLS (multiple listing service), diamonds are bought and sold among wholesale dealers using a similar list.

Hadar Diamonds allows you to cut out all middle men by allowing you to buy direct from the very same exclusive list we and other select trade members have access to every day. Much like a real estate agent, our brokers search for diamonds that fit your specifications, then present them to you in list format for your review and selection. During the process we also use our expertise to ensure you are making informed decisions based on carat weight, color, clarity, and cut—and of course, a perfect fit for your budget.

We disclose all dealer prices prior to purchasing from the Bucket of Diamonds service—giving you 100% transparency. Now you can see what your diamond is selling for in the inner circle of diamond suppliers. A 6-8% commission is charged only when you buy a diamond. There are no other fees or markups.

Contact us to explore diamond quality and savings by purchasing from Hadar Diamonds Bucket of Diamonds™ worldwide wholesale inventory list.