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Lab grown diamonds

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Optically, physically, and chemically identical to natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds are birthed by a wonder as fascinating as Mother Earth - human intelligence. Lab grown diamonds are developed by taking a “seed” crystal of an earth mined diamond, and growing it further in a highly specialized laboratory. The benefits of choosing a lab grown diamond vs. a naturally mined diamond are simple ~ lab grown diamonds offer the advantage of owning a beautiful, near-flawless, high-color ideal cut diamond. All shapes offered by Hadar Diamonds are cut to ideal proportions, These diamonds offer extreme affordability and will endure a lifetime - there are no dangerous features that destroy the integrity of the diamond.

Unlike naturally mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are created under controllable pressure conditions in a sophisticated laboratory. Whereas, naturally mined diamonds include discovery and labor costs that some couples and jewelry enthusiasts prefer not to invest in. For buyers wanting larger carat weights for rings, or bespoke custom diamond jewelry such as engagement rings, wedding sets, tennis bracelets and graduated tennis diamond necklaces fit for gala events, lab grown diamonds may be is the ideal choice.

Hadar Diamonds invites your inquiry to preview a lab grown diamond at no charge. All packages are sent overnight via FedEx, with prepaid shipping and insurance. What do you have to lose? Explore the benefits and beauty of these brilliant diamonds. Make your selection from over 10,000 diamonds, including lab grown and naturally mined diamonds.

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