The Top 3 Clarity Enhanced Diamonds of the Week... With Videos!

Monday, July 7, 2014 2:20:19 PM America/Los_Angeles

This week, we are showcasing 3 stunning clarity enhanced diamonds with actual videos. For more information on how to preview diamonds in your home at no charge, email or call 1-800-295-6676.

#1 - The 2.78 ct Round Brilliant, Clarity Enhanced Diamond

This sparkler not only appears closer to a 3 carat diamond, which will make her the envy of all of her girlfriends, it is also an IDEAL CUT diamond!  This is a colorless diamond with a color grade of F, a clarity grade of SI1 (white inclusions).  The Triple Excellent cut, polish, and symmetry gives this diamond extraordinarily high levels of beauty and sparkle.  If you are looking for a larger carat weight with all of the bells and whistles under $10,000, this is the diamond for you.


#2 - The 1.91 ct Cushion Cut, Clarity Enhanced Diamond

With superior cut and excellent proportions, you will not want to take your eyes off of this cushion cut diamond.  This colorless (F), SI1 clarity, clarity enhanced diamond has elevated levels of sparkle and fire, and is a must-see.  If you are looking for a romantic diamond that shows like a 2 carat, this beauty can be purchased for under $6,700.


#3 - The 4.21 ct Radiant Cut (Yes, 4+ carats!), Clarity Enhanced Diamond

Expect to hear O.M.G. when you wear this 4.21 ct Radiant Cut diamond.  With an impressive size of 10.47 x 8.67 mm, your friends and family will wonder if you've married into a celebrity family... for under $16,000!  This G color, SI2 clarity, clarity enhanced diamond appears white and boasts excellent proportions that can be seen with even the quickest glance.      


 Want to know more about the process?  Watch  "What is a Clarity Enhanced Diamond? Before vs. After Enhancement" here.

Stay tuned for our next blog when we discuss the Top 3 HPHT diamonds of the week.  For more information on our free diamond preview program, contact us.

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