(Big) Cyber Monday Diamonds Deal of the Day 11/16/2016: The Impressively Sized 3.41 ct Oval Brilliant Diamond!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 12:37:16 PM America/Los_Angeles

 3.41 ct Oval Brilliant Laser Drilled Diamond:  CyberMonday Diamond Sale

Cyber Monday Diamonds Sales are always meant to impress, but did you know you can go big without spending a fortune? 


For the graceful woman who wants the sparkle and class of a round brilliant diamond, along with an impressive size that will be adorned from across the room, we recommend the 3.41 carat Oval Brilliant laser drilled diamond


This stunning sparkler boasts a top-tier E color and an Excellent symmetry grade.  Fashioned with top-level accuracy and craftsmanship, the 3.41 carat Oval Brilliant displays exceptional, high levels of fire and sparkle.  Better still, it is eye-clean and has no fillings.


A non-laser drilled diamond with similar characteristics like this sells for approximately $39,215.  By choosing laser drilled, you will know you are wearing a gorgeous, natural diamond, and also enjoy it at a sensible price of $13,650.  No special care is required and no one will know the difference except your wallet! 


If you are searching for a 3+ carat diamond this Cyber Monday ideal for an engagement ring that guarantees a yes, we invite you to watch the actual video or even preview it at home, with no charge or obligation. 


View certificate


View the actual 3.41 carat Cyber Monday Diamond Video in your browser, or watch below:



Reserve today and have your engagement ring ready for the holidays.  Call or text 619.572_8100 or email us today.  Shine bright!


 *Price valid now through 11/29/16.  Reserve today with small deposit.  Payment plans available.
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