The Clarity Enhanced Diamond Review by Hadar Diamonds: Part 1

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 2:50:52 PM America/Los_Angeles

When exploring the option of buying clarity enhanced diamonds, many people ask one common question. How long will the enhancement process last? The answer is: Forever.  These diamonds can be worn like all other natural diamonds.

As you may already know, clarity enhanced diamonds are one of the most affordable options when buying a natural diamond. For most couples, the primary benefits of buying an enhanced diamond are:

  A.  The ability to own a natural, quality diamond at an affordable price
  B.  To wear a larger, beautiful diamond of equal appearance, at the same price of a smaller one

What is the definition of a clarity enhanced diamond? 

A clarity  enhanced diamond is mined from the earth.  During the cutting process, mishaps can occur that cause feather-like inclusions on the diamond's surface.  These imperfections are removed by laser drilling or by filling the diamond with a colorless, diamond-like substance.  Once this occurs, the diamond is permanently restored to achieve maximum fire and sparkle.  The end result is a beautiful diamond that appears expensive, without the high price tag.


Other common questions include:

Will my girlfriends know that the diamond is clarity enhanced?

The only way your friends will know is if you tell them. Enhancements are not visible to the naked eye. These diamonds sparkle and shine just any other well cut natural diamond.

Do clarity enhanced diamonds increase in value like conventional diamonds?

Yes. Clarity enhanced diamonds increase in value like their conventional partners. The diamond market  trades in  percentages. As rule, all diamonds increase equally.

I'm getting engaged. We want to save money to furnish our home. I want a winning diamond, without sacrificing quality. I'm not familiar with diamonds with enhanced clarity. Can you make me feel more  comfortable with my purchase? Is the enhancement permanent?

We want you and your fiancé to be comfortable too.  A few points to be made about clarity enhanced diamonds include:

1.  The diamond enhancement process has proven stable.  They will survive normal wear and tear like all other natural diamonds.

2.  Hadar Diamonds offers a lifetime warranty on the enhancement.

3.  To insure your satisfaction, Hadar Diamonds will FedEx you a diamond to preview with our Diamond Preview Program. There is no charge or obligation to purchase!


Customer reviews on clarity enhanced diamonds 

 "Thank you Thank you!  The diamond ring is gorgeous. I love everything about it :) My hubby is so impressed! I stayed in the budget and it is better than either of us thought it would be.

T.H., Dallas, TX


"Dear Gerry,  Received! Love it! Sold on Clarity Enhanced Diamonds!  Thank you so much for your prompt replies all the time. Appreciate the complimentary vacation package. Will use for our honeymoon."

L. W., Provo, UT


"The fancy yellow radiant cut clarity enhanced diamond is magnificent. Looks flawless. Best of all is my wife loves it. Your customer service is amazing and very rare these days. Thank you very MUCH.  YOU made our Easter weekend :)"


J.W.& Partner, San Francisco, CA


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