How to Buy an Affordable, Genuine Diamond: Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 1:00:42 PM America/Los_Angeles

With the rising cost of diamonds and the new economy, clarity enhanced diamonds are becoming more popular in the marketplace. To help you determine if clarity enhanced is the right option for you, we will briefly discuss the features and benefits of buying clarity enhanced.

Clarity enhanced diamonds are genuine diamonds mined from natural volcanic sources, just like any other authentic diamond. The only difference is that inclusions (commonly referred to as "flaws") have been removed with recent advancements in technology, which increases clarity and brilliance. For example, with this scientific process, a diamond with a SI1 clarity grade can appear to be flawless after going through clarity enhancement.

If you are looking to purchase a large carat weight with beautiful color and clarity, and need an affordable option, clarity enhanced may be right for you. Major advantages of buying a clarity enhanced diamond include:

• The ability to purchase a larger, flawless appearing stone. Choosing clarity enhanced allows you to enjoy a stone up to 2 times the size of a non-enhanced diamond of a comparable grade with savings ranging from 45%-60%.

• Lifetime durability and wear—clarity enhanced diamonds are stable and wear like any other natural diamond.

• The opportunity to treasure the beauty of higher color grades—non-enhanced diamonds in the D, E and F color ranges tend to be very rare, and therefore, expensive. With clarity enhanced diamonds, it is possible to own a colorless, D color grade diamond at half of the cost! See price comparison chart below.

• Only you will know the diamond is clarity enhanced—detection requires a skilled diamond expert and magnification tools.

• The luxury of owning a natural, genuine diamond that will retain its value for years to come.

We welcome you to review our clarity enhanced diamond inventory and contact us with any questions.

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