The Top 3 Clarity Enhanced Diamonds for Christmas 2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 12:43:35 PM America/Los_Angeles

Clarity enhanced diamonds are the top choice for couples looking for big diamonds at an affordable price.  As you may already know, clarity enhanced diamonds are natural diamonds that have had tiny inclusions removed to enhance their beauty and clarity.

This week, we have chosen three beauties that will make her engagement ring the envy of all of her girlfriends—All larger sizes for under $10,000!

The 3.00 carat, Princess Cut Diamond  |  $9,785

This 3 carat, Princess Cut, colorless clarity enhanced diamond boasts amazing brilliance, with an E color and SI2 clarity.  This beauty is eye-clean and has an impressive size.  It has a square appeal, and displays extraordinarily high levels of sparkle.  According to the diamond wholesale price guide, a "non-enhanced" diamond of this size and grade would be priced at $31,800. (As of prices determined 2/20/14).

About Princess Cut Diamonds:

For the outgoing woman who follows trends and fashion, we recommend the Princess Cut Diamond.Women who choose princess cuts are thought of as embracing chance and living life with zeal. If you enjoy the brilliance of a round diamond and prefer a square appearance, the Princess Cut Diamond offers high value per carat, as more of the diamond rough is maintained during the cutting process. The ideal Princess Cut Diamond will appear square or rectangular, and exhibit pyramid-like features when presented face-down. 

The 2.24 carat, Cushion Cut Diamond  |  $6,900

This 2.24 carat, Cushion Cut, colorless clarity enhanced diamond has high levels of fire and sparkle.  It has top F color, and because of its rectangular shape, has an impressive size when placed on the hand.

About Cushion Cut Diamonds:

For the woman who enjoys a romantic, antique, or vintage style, we recommend the Cushion Cut Diamond. This royal shape is reminiscent of romance and fantasy, combined with an elegant, traditional feel. Cushion shaped diamonds have been used as tokens of a promise to marry for over two centuries, giving it an antique appearance. 


The 2.78 carat, Round Brilliant, Triple Excellent Rated Diamond |  $9,064

This 2.78 carat, Round Brilliant, Triple Excellent rated clarity enhanced diamond appears like a 3 carat diamond.  With an F color, and SI1 clarity grade based on white incluseions, this ideal cut diamond would sell for $33,360 if it was "non-enhanced" (6/3/14).  The Triple Excellent rating for cut, polish, and symmetry means that this diamond boasts maximum sparkle.

About Round Brilliant Diamonds:

The round brilliant diamond is perfect for any woman who appreciates classic beauty. Trends find that women who choose round brilliants enjoy traditional values and understated elegance. The circular shape of the diamond symbolizes that the love has no beginning, and no end. This shape is historically the most popular for engagement rings and because of its many facets, reflects more light than any other—offering the highest amount of sparkle and brilliance. Because of its timeless appeal and stunning optical qualities, round brilliant diamonds tend to carry higher values. Whether you are shopping for an engagement or investment grade diamond, we recommend considering round brilliant diamonds. The ideal cut, and most expensive Round Brilliant Diamond will exhibit a perfectly symmetrical "hearts and arrows" pattern when viewed under a Firescope viewer. 

For expert advice on clarity enhanced diamonds, as well as laser drilled, GIA certified, GIA certified HPHT diamonds, and even Fancy Colored Diamonds, email us today for the best prices on all types of diamonds.  

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