Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Increase the Value and Wearability of Heirloom Jewelry

Thursday, July 18, 2013 2:43:21 PM America/Los_Angeles

Let's say you have a collection of gorgeous rings, earrings or necklaces you adore.  It's a montage of items you've collected through the years—a personal diary of your life.  Perhaps they were gifts attached with fond memories of family and friends.  Or simply a piece you purchased just because you wanted it, and now you’re seeking a way to kick it up a notch.


The novelty of these pieces doesn’t excite you anymore.  Perhaps the uniqueness is gone, the faux diamonds are out dated, or they don't seem to convey your current social status.  You are on the rise.  You find yourself at a new level. If so, it may be time to add clarity enhanced diamonds to your cherished jewelry settings.  Unlike most affordable jewelry, clarity enhanced diamonds hold the fascination of allure and luxury—after all, they are genuine, mined from the earth, natural diamonds.  It is well-known, in today’s modern world these diamonds are a status symbol, as well as nature's very own work of art and science.


Perhaps you adore that amethyst Tiffany setting you received as a gift or heirloom.  Over time, the colored stone naturally lost its vitality.  When you replace it with a clarity enhanced diamond, you’ll have the memory and your jewelry will display more genuine sparkle.  And of course, increase the price and value of the entire piece.  Now you have a showpiece to wear—no longer hidden in your jewelry box. 


Many women choose clarity enhanced diamonds when:


 1 A stone falls out of a coveted stylish piece and needs a replacement

2. They want the stone in an antique setting to be more valuable—replacing quartz or crystals

3. They want to replace a current stone with a "fresh" one that holds promise for extended


4. Wishing to increase the value of the piece

5. Desiring a more modern-cut that radiates higher levels of sparkle


Antique jewelry has a world of potential, and it doesn’t cost that much to dramatically increase its appearance. Yes, antique jewelry can be converted into a valuable piece overnight and you will still afford your latte.  We suggest upgrading your piece with a clarity-enhanced diamond.  A high quality, natural clarity-enhanced diamond will make Grandma’s necklace look like a fashion-forward piece, while still preserving her memory.


A clarity-enhanced diamond offers higher quality and larger carat weight than you're going to find with other natural diamonds—at the same price. They will save you over 35%, so you will get that much more diamond for your money. Or if you're becoming engaged, you might want to upgrade your mother's ring with a larger diamond that is more "you"—perhaps expressing more sparkle derived from a modern cut.


When you combine the luster of a clarity-enhanced diamond with the patina of an antique ring, you have the recipe for an interesting antique modern piece.  Let’s not forget the added appreciation potential.


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Much of this information was garnered from Gerry Hauser, Gemologist / CEO , Hadar Diamonds, Inc.

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