How can you distinguish a natural diamond from a clarity enhanced diamond?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 2:16:10 PM America/Los_Angeles

We often are asked how to distinguish between a diamond that is clarity enhanced and one that is not. The most noticeable difference is in price—clarity enhanced is a far better deal. A soon-to-be newlywed had his eye on a round 1.08 carat G color, VS2—the price for a natural diamond is $8,500, while the natural clarity enhanced diamond in the same size and exact same clarity is $3,300. He asks us if clarity enhancement requires any extra upkeep and has heard from many reputable jewelers that clarity enhancement offers no noticeable differences. So he asks, “How can I distinguish a diamond from a clarity enhanced diamond?”

We respond:

1. Because the noticeable difference between the two natural diamonds is so minimal (it is almost nonexistent, depending upon the degree of flaws in the diamond), a trained gemologist can show you variances using a 10x loupe or microscope. Your friends and hairdresser will not know the difference.

2. Many diamonds have tiny, thin white inclusions. What the clarity enhancement process does is fill these surface inclusions, enhancing the beauty of the diamond. A permanent, diamond-like element that does not alter the carat weight to the diamond is used for these inclusions. Dark imperfections embedded in the stone can be removed by a special laser drilling process. Flawless diamonds are extremely rare in nature and therefore, cost more. These modifications are done to allow the diamond to reach it's maximum potential for brilliance and color.

3. Any reputable diamond dealer will have, or offer certification to document the uniqueness of your diamond. This certification will list any and all factors that pertains to the diamond's personality.

4. The only thing to be distinguished is the price. The reason clarity enhanced diamonds cost less is because they are being priced for their original clarity and color (before enhancement).

If you would like to learn more about clarity enhanced diamonds, we offer consultation at no charge. As with any purchase, we believe being well-educated is the key to achieving long-term satisfaction.
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