How to Buy an Engagement Ring for Under $10,000

Tuesday, September 9, 2014 1:47:05 PM America/Los_Angeles

If you are looking for diamond ring for your future fiance, you may be finding that diamond prices are steadily increasing.  Bloomberg News reported on May 7, 2014, that De Beers, a major influence in regards to the price of diamonds, plans to increase their prices 5 percent every year.

With that said, it is still possible to buy a diamond engagement ring for under $10,000 that will make your lovely the envy of all of her girlfriends.  You just need to know how to work with the options the industry offers.  To make it easy for you, we wrote up 3 possible solutions:

When she wants top-tier diamond characteristics

Consider a GIA certified, natural HPHT diamond with top-tier characteristics and pair it with a classic, 18KW gold setting.  HPHT diamonds are simply Type IIa diamonds that have had their color permanently adjusted to top colorless grades.  They naturally carry exceptional clarity.

GIA certified, natural HPHT diamonds often have exceptional cuts, some even with "Triple Excellent" ratings.  This translates into maximum sparkle.

Our recommendation:

TOTAL PRICE:  $9,885

$9,500:  1.51 ct Round Brilliant Diamond.  GIA certified, natural HPHT diamond.  F color, VVS2 clarity, Excellent cut.  

$385:  TR16 - Traditional Solitaire.  Inspired by world-acclaimed Tiffany design, this setting is simple, classic, and elegant.  Price listed is for 18K white or yellow gold.

When she prefers a large size with top color

Consider a clarity enhanced diamond.  These diamonds have had their inclusions removed to improve their original clarity.  Many couples will choose clarity enhanced diamonds to get a larger diamond for less money than a non-enhanced diamond.

Our recommendation:


TOTAL PRICE:  $10,000

$9,785:  3.00 ct Princess Cut Diamond.  E color, SI2, colorless and eye-clean.  Top measurements:  7.67 x 7.84.  

$214:  Ask about special pricing with a 14KW ring setting with the purchase of this 3.00 ct Princess Cut Diamond.


When it's all about... The Ring

It may be that your fiance wants an intricately designed ring over a large diamond.  In this case, determine exactly what ring design she likes, what type of metal (14K, 18K, or Platinum), and her ring finger size.  She will likely have some designs in mind, but for demonstration purposes, we recommend the following: 

 Blooming ring Inspired Engagement Ring  GIA Certified Princess Cut Diamond

TOTAL PRICE:  $9,073

$4,458:  The KS2118-R.  A delicately hand-engraved ring from the Audrey collection.  It resembles a blooming engagement ring with a longer lifespan trend-wise.  0.77 tcw diamonds on the sides not including the center stone.  Made with lavish platinum metal.
$4,615:  1.00 ct, GIA Certified, Princess cut diamond.  Excellent clarity of VS1, G color, and top measurements of 5.40 x 5.21.  Find the GIA certificate here:

 If you are looking for more ideas, we can help!  Just call, email, or text us for a complimentary consultation. 

*Reflects September 2014 pricing.

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