HPHT Natural Diamonds: Are They Right For You?

Monday, April 9, 2012 5:22:40 PM America/Los_Angeles

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High pressure high temperature (HPHT) diamonds are one of our most popular diamond choices, but sometimes we wonder why they aren’t more popular. After some thought and consultation with customers, we’ve come to the conclusion we need to be more educational in our approach.

Our goal at Hadar Diamonds is to build a level of confidence in our diamond knowledge and resources, that will allow us to help you move toward your goal of buying the diamond offering terrific value at the right price to fullfil your dreams.

Our HPHT diamonds are mined from the earth and are GIA certified just like all other top-of-the-line diamonds. Like all the world’s rarest gem quality diamonds, our HPHT diamonds are GIA prized D-E colorless, with clarity grade Flawless - VVS2. The HPHT process only speeds up and finishes what nature started as you will understand how in future paragraphs. Like top-dollar unprocessed diamonds, our HPHT diamonds are guaranteed to wear like all other mined diamonds, maintain their color and appearance forever. The GIA grades the process as “stable”. The big difference, of course, is price..HPHT sells for 45% - 62% below other GIA mined diamonds, possessing the same characteristics.

The HPHT diamond maturation process is a carefully controlled, permanent scientific procedure that finishes what nature started a colorless diamond through immense heat and pressure. The extreme conditions (up to 3,632 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 70,000 atmospheres of pressure) age the structural formation that occurred during the diamond’s original crystalline growth, allowing the stone to reach its full colorless potential.

There is no reason to fear that a HPHT diamond will fail, fall apart, or cause you embarrassment. They will wear like all other natural diamonds, can use industrial jewelry cleaner, be exposed to the elements e.g other GIA certified natural diamonds. High pressure, high temperature techniques are applied in the medical field, aero space and commercial industries. The HPHT process is now perfected and customized for use in the natural diamond industry. Nature provides heat and pressure to form the stone, however not every diamond was blanketed with enough heat and pressure. Some of the carbon-rich minerals, deep within the earth’s crust flowed from volcanoes, with diamond rough located near the volcano’s top never reaching complete development. These premature diamonds are classified “top-light-brown (TLB) stones. HPHT diamonds are unfinished natural diamonds, not synthetics. In fact, HPHT diamonds caused an uproar among members of the trade when they were discovered in the late 1990s. The Russians were first to the market HPHT diamonds. However, they never told anyone, including the GIA. Who knows how many total carat weights were sold and to who? An Israeli diamond dealer (whose name is being withheld) became aware of the Russian HPHT process and informed the GIA. Diamond bourses were immediately notified around the world. Only the very most well-equipped Gemological Institute Of America (GIA) laboratory can detect the difference between an unenhanced diamond and an HPHT diamond. The GIA is the only scientific grading lab we are aware of that has this equipment.

Hadar Diamonds is known to offer quality natural diamonds, including these exquisite HPHT heirloom gems to you at a substantial discount to other GIA certified diamonds – often more than 50%. We believe HPHT diamonds are, hands down, the absolute best “value diamonds” available. To further the cause, There are asset investors who have turned to HPHT diamonds claiming an aberration in the market. They cite the example of rarity. “D,E,F rated diamonds with IF - VVS2, HPHT diamonds are more scarce than Nature’s “fully-made” diamonds of exact grading.

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“If you don’t know diamonds at least know your diamond representative”.

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