"Congratulations, Sweetheart! I Bought a Clarity Enhanced Diamond!"

Monday, August 5, 2013 10:54:06 AM America/Los_Angeles

Congratulations Sweetheart, I Bought a Clarity Enhanced Diamond!

Like many other young gentlemen, you did your research, and decided to propose to your beloved with a clarity enhanced diamond ring in your hand. Good move, and congratulations on your bright new future! Obviously you have a knack for practicality and a keen eye for value.


Of course, at some point you will want to talk about the diamond itself. There should be some tears of joy and declarations of happiness, followed by some frank discussions about children, the new dog and more. (I would recommend a rescued dog with several sporting breeds in its ancestry). But yours is a relationship based on honesty and communication, so why not tell your fiancé the sparkling rock on her finger is a clarity enhanced diamond.


You’re probably already at a loss about what to say. It’s a safe bet that your fiancé has no idea what an “enhanced diamond” is. So here are a few thoughts to incorporate:


1.  Start off with the big guns. Tell her about the matching beauty and cost savings. “Darling, Although, I can’t tell the price, I want you to know that I saved 50% percent on this diamond. And there’s more. We got a much larger diamond for the same money as a much smaller one. I trusted you would appreciate knowing how much I think of you and that I'm smart with my resources.” -When you get right down to it, clarity enhanced diamonds are a deal, and we are confident she will see that. We call it: thoughtfulness combined  with rational thrift.


2.  Be sure to explain to her that it’s a real, natural diamond which has been legally and traditionally mined out of the ground, not made in a laboratory. “Dearest, just think, it took a billion years of geological history to bring us this perfect expression of love.”


3.  “Honey, wait until your girlfriends, family and everyone at the office sees the size of that thing. Do you think they will flip when they gaze at this large, flawless looking sparkling wonder?"


4.  A clarity enhanced diamond can look just like the upper five percent of gem quality diamonds. And who doesn’t appreciate natural beauty? “Baby, I wanted a diamond that was just as beautiful as you, and modern technology made it happen.”


5.  Impress her with your knowledge of gemology. If there’s anything that women find romantic, it’s science. “Baby, while I was researching buying the right stone, I learned that the clarity enhancement process has become particularly advanced in the past six years.” It will make you sound timelessly modern, like James Bond.


6.  “When it came down to it, I knew this diamond had to be yours. It stood out from all the rest.” Picking a diamond with such distinctive value demonstrates thoughtfulness and up to date thinking. Ideal characteristics for a life partnership.


7.  Explain that you respect tradition, but traditions can benefit from modern, high-tech improvements. You could spend that money on a couple of chickens and a cow if you wanted to be really traditional, but diamonds tend to be easier for finger wearing. A small, sparkling diamond would be nice, but the larger clearer version of same the appearance is even nicer. you made the call to upgrade to a bigger, clearer version is even nicer. (Good call.)


We hope these tips will help you make the right decision about purchasing a clarity enhanced  diamond. The moral of this story: “The more you know the less you pay.”


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