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Friday, March 28, 2014 2:16:39 PM America/Los_Angeles

Laser Drilled Diamonds

What are Laser Drilled Diamonds?

If you've found this article, you're probably exploring options for a diamond purchase.  Laser drilled diamonds are one of the best choices.  This is an exciting, and relatively new offering for consumers who want a beautiful, sparkling diamond at an affordable price.

We'll start with commonly asked questions regarding Laser Drilled Diamonds first:

1)  Are laser drilled diamonds real?

Yes!  Laser drilled diamonds are 100% natural.  They've simply had their internal inclusions removed with a clean, laser cutting process.

2)  What is a laser drilled diamond?

A laser drilled diamond is one that started out with an obvious, dark inclusion.  The diamond may have been exquisitely cut with hearts and arrows.  It is common for diamonds to have internal inclusions, and with modern technology via lasers, we can now remove dark inclusions with a precise, microscopic laser drill.  The result is a diamond that’s been restored to a beautiful, eye-clean diamond.  The diamond now displays elevated levels of fire and sparkle.  The laser drill can only be seen under 10x magnification.  Laser drilling is not considered a treatment.  Laser drilling is permanent.  With certain laser drilled diamonds, it is not necessary to clarity enhance the diamond with a filling.  Laser drill removes internal inclusions.

3)  How much of an improvement can be seen after the laser drilling process?

The clarity improvement that can be seen is a minimum of two grades.  For example, a diamond with an original clarity grade of SI3 can become SI1.

4)  I'm finding laser drilled diamonds are a rare find.  Why is this?

Laser drilled diamonds are highly desirable because of their affordability and beauty.  Members in the trade often act quickly to buy them because they sell very fast.  Some forward thinkers in the industry believe that laser drilling is equivalent to cutting and polishing a stone to bring a diamond its maximum beauty.

5)  Why are laser drilled diamonds more affordable than diamonds that have not been laser drilled?

Laser drilled diamonds are more affordable because they are priced at their original clarity before the dark inclusion was removed.  Plus, you will be saving at least 35% or more when you purchase a laser drilled diamond.  The larger the diamond, the higher the savings.

6)  Where can I see a laser drilled diamond?

Hadar Diamonds specializes in Laser Drill Diamonds and invites you to make an appointment to preview at no cost or obligation.  We have offices in San Diego and New York, and also offer a preview program where you can see the diamond in the comfort of your own home.  For details email or call 800-295-6676.

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