The Top 3 CyberMonday Diamonds of the Day… Cushion, Round, and Radiant - With Video Review! (11/18/15)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 4:27:43 PM America/Los_Angeles

Yes, you know it!  CyberMonday is coming up on us very soon!  To help you reserve your choice CyberMonday diamond deals, Hadar Diamonds has opened up the sale this week to ensure you get the sparkler you want.

Today we are going to showcase three CyberMonday diamonds meant to impress at an affordable price.  The selections include a non-enhanced cushion cut, a gorgeous, minimally enhanced round brilliant, and a non-enhanced radiant diamond the size of California! Relative to diamonds, anyway. :-)

The 1.80 carat Cushion Cut Diamond for $6,750 (as of 11/18/15)

A must-see for under $7,000, this 1.80 cushion cut diamond will light up her eyes!  Beautifully cut with high exceptionally high levels of fire and sparkle, this cushion boasts excellent polish and very good symmetry.  No black inclusions.  Preview at home today at no charge or obligation! 

Watch the actual diamond video:

The 2.54 carat Round Brilliant Enhanced Diamond with a Triple Excellent Rating, top-tier F color, and VS2 clarity for $11,736 (as of 11/18/15)

Looking for the most beautiful 2+ carat diamond under $12k?  This is the one.  This minimally enhanced 2.54 carat Round Brilliant Diamond boasts a highly desirable VS2 clarity, triple excellent rating, and top-tier F color.  Ideal cut and fit for even the most discriminating eye.

View the video to see its beautiful cut fashioning:

Of course, what kind of CyberMonday Diamond Sale would it be if we didn’t bring out the big diamonds?  Try this one on for size…

The 5.10 carat Radiant Cut with Top D color for $29,850 (as of 11/18/15)

Imagine flaunting a 5+ carat diamond engagement ring while you are entertaining this holiday season! 

This 5.10 carat Radiant cut diamond is beautifully cut and lives up to its excellent symmetry and polish grades.  This diamond is very white and reveals exceptionally high levels of fire and sparkle. Whether she is walking into a room or toasting her friends over a holiday feast, one of the first things your friends in the room will notice is gorgeous, sparkling nugget gleaming from her hand.

Review the video below and see why this 5+ carat radiant cut diamond is one of our favorite CyberMonday Diamonds!

Want more?  Call, text, or email Hadar Diamonds to hear about unpublished inventory we just received for the upcoming holidays.

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