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Can you imagine a romantic proposal to your loved one on Valentine’s Day? This festive occasion calls for a very perfect and personalized holiday gift.  An eye clean, laser drill natural diamond, set in a ring she will be proud of. A diamond engagement ring she will wear for the rest of her life. A diamond ring she will be so thrilled to show her family and friends. And we will help you choose the best of the “best-of-the-best laser drill diamond. Ones that will appear great in a magnificent engagement ring, earrings or pendant. This will help you start another journey toward creating a lifetime of memories together that will “shine” indefinitely. We have created the ultimate Valentine’s Day laser drill checklist, complete with fresh, exciting ideas, sure to evoke that emphatic “YES”!

ENGAGEMENT: Laser drill diamonds are becoming a major contender in the engagement ring market. This one might sound obvious, but sometimes in the anticipation of planning the proposal for that special lady, you may not realize and organize/plan everything around her personality. Focus on what she loves, from decor to music, food and the ring. Be sure to keep her likes and dislikes in mind. Important Tip: Extraverted ladies who love high fashion will prefer larger diamonds set in designer style rings. The very most economical gem quality diamonds are a microscopic laser drill diamond. Guaranteed savings, Minimum 35% (A laser drill will not affect integrity of the diamond.) Side-by-side next to one that look exactly the same, without a laser drill will cost dearly.

Not necessary to feel overwhelmed.  The best companies will:  

  1. Explain laser drill natural diamonds and help with the selection process
  2. Will always be here to guide you about size, shape and diamond to select
  3. Help with the ring selection
  4. 100% refund policy and satisfaction guaranteed

MOTHER: A huge surprise for mom is on the way. It’s not a bird. It’s not anything flying in the air – not superman. It’s not flowers or box of candy. It’s a gift of “gorgeous” laser drill diamond earrings or pendant. Sure, the pretty flowers and sweet candy can accompany the forever lasting laser drill diamond jewelry!  This gift is something that your mom can always talk about. Telling her friends and relatives who gave her this gift of joy.

heartBABIES / TEEN AGE CHILDREN: Something every mother will welcome, natural diamond earrings for babies, youngsters and teenagers. Earrings are available for the lady of the house too! -Set with laser drill or HPHT natural diamonds. Set 14kW, 14KY, 14KR. (We do not recommend platinum, as the may cause the ears to droop). Suggest snapping pictures of your loved one wearing those beautiful laser drill diamond earrings. -Create an extraordinary moment from the baby to motherhood.  Something they can reflect on as life goes on.  Unlike flowers and candy, laser drill diamonds and photos last a lifetime.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day


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