What Women REALLY Want for Christmas 2015!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015 2:50:16 PM America/Los_Angeles

Every year men ask themselves, “What should I gift my girlfriend, wife, daughter, and mother for Christmas?”  It seems like a simple enough question, right?  We know how important it is to give the women you love something special to light up their smiles.

Of course, most men understand that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”  But did you know that there are types of natural diamonds just as beautiful and “real” as you see in the boutiques in the Diamond District—except much more affordable?  Combine that with the savings of shopping online, and buying diamonds for that special lady isn’t out of reach!

Today we will discuss stunning and well-loved Christmas Gifts with Laser Drilled Diamonds.  These are natural diamonds mined from the earth that have simply had dark inclusions removed with a microscopic laser.  This process results in a gorgeous diamond that has a desirable clarity appearance and exceptional sparkle.  All this with much lower prices than a diamond that has not been laser drilled.  No special care is required with a laser drilled diamond.

The Top 3 Christmas Gifts with Laser Drilled Diamonds on our list this year includes diamonds for a necklace and ring, and, of course, the classic gift of diamond earrings.

What She REALLY Wants for Christmas… #3

A diamond necklace to make her sparkle! 

Imagine seeing her arrive at the party in a beautiful gown she bought just for that special occasion… she spent hours looking beautiful for you so she could be the pride of your arm and the jewel of your eye.  Adorn her with a diamond pendant necklace set with an impressively sized and shaped 2.20 carat pear cut diamond.  With this elegant cut she will feel as stunning as she looks!

Inquire for a custom chain with white or yellow gold, platinum, or rose gold.

Watch the video of the 2.20 carat Pear Cut, Laser Drilled Diamond:

What She REALLY Wants for Christmas… #2

2 carat Diamond Earrings!

An ideal diamond Christmas gift, the 2 tcw Radiant Cut, Laser Drilled Diamond Earrings are sure to please.  The great thing about diamond earrings is their versatility in wear.  Whether she is at the gym, the office, or at an elegant affair, diamond earrings can be worn virtually anywhere and be appropriate whether she is rocking a pair of yoga pants or a gown for a holiday gala.  The perfect gift that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Ready to ship for tomorrow’s delivery, these 2 tcw Radiant Cut Laser Drilled Diamond earrings boast top-tier D-E colors, SI2 clarity, and are set in 14K white gold.

Watch the video for the Ideal Christmas Diamond Earrings:


What She REALLY Wants for Christmas… #1

A 2+ carat Cushion Cut Diamond!

The most popular diamond cut of the season, this 2.05 carat Cushion Cut, Laser Drilled Diamond is a popular pick with the ladies of Pinterest and will bring a sparkle to her step!  With its impressive top-tier F color and gorgeous shape, this cushion cut diamond is ideal for a cushion cut diamond engagement ring or stunning right-hand cocktail ring.  This diamond offers an affordable way to own a 2+ carat, white, beautiful cushion cut diamond!

Watch the video of this pretty Cushion Cut Laser Drilled Diamond:


Want more ideas for Christmas Gifts with Diamonds?  We’re the experts!  Call, text, or email us and we’ll help you find the perfect Christmas Gift!

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