Fancy Pink & Yellow Diamonds

Choose from a hand-selected parcel of GIA certified Fancy Pink and Yellow Diamonds. Our fancy colored diamonds are processed by a stable and permanent procedure called HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature.) Type 2a diamonds are the only diamonds suitable for this process because they are the strongest, HPHT candidates are known for their exceptional, natural clarity and represent only 1% of the earth's diamonds.

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1.07 ct Fancy Intense Pink Pear, VVS2

HPHT Certified Diamond:

Ideal Price: $17,050

Appraised Value: $37,088

1.21 ct GIA Pink - Deep-Purple Pink VS2!

HPHT Certified Diamond:


1.31 ct Fancy Yellow Eye-Clean HPHT

HPHT Certified Diamond:

Ideal Price: $5,659

Appraised Value: $26,946

12.12 ct Intense Purplish Pink, GIA, HPHT [SALE PENDING]

GIA Certified, natural HPHT Diamond:


8.01 ct Purplish Pink, VVS1, HPHT [SALE PENDING]

HPHT Certified Diamond:


5 Item(s)