1.50 ct Cushion Brilliant Cut Laser Drilled Diamond

1.50 ct Cushion Brilliant Cut Laser Drilled Diamond

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Appraised Value: $8,538

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Laser drilled diamonds

Laser drilled diamonds have had dark inclusions removed by a microscopic laser to improve the appearance of clarity. These diamonds bear no fillings and require no special care.

Laser Drilled Diamonds








Carat Weight 1.50
Clarity Grade SI2
Color Grade D
Comments Laser Drill. White inclusions. Squarish 6pillow shape. Diamond is 100% clean when viewed by the unaided eye. This diamond was fashioned with high levels of accuracy and craftsmanship. This diamond possesses an excellent balance between proportions and the display of fire and sparkle. L/W 1.07

According to the October 27, 2017 diamond price guide: Price for a non-laser drill Cushion Brilliant shape diamond of this quality and size is: $7,100
Depth 56.3%
Flourescence Faint
Girdle Medium
Measurements 6.73 x 7.20 x 3.79 mm
Cut Grade No
Polish Grade Excellent
Shape Cushion
Symmetry Grade Good
Table Size 71%
Type Laser Drilled


For the woman who enjoys an antique or vintage style, we recommend the Cushion Cut Diamond. This royal shape is reminiscent of romance and fantasy, combined with an elegant, traditional feel. Cushion shaped diamonds have been used as tokens of a promise to marry for over two centuries, giving it an antique appearance. Cutting styles include a vintage cut, the Cushion Brilliant, which scintillate larger flashes of light, and a more modern cut, the Cushion Modified Brilliant that has smaller facets that result in quick light return. The ideal Cushion Cut Diamond will appear square with rounded corners.

Looks best on: The Cushion Cut Diamond is suitable for any hand shape.

Ideal ring settings include: Halo, 3-Stone, Pave, Antique, Modern, Solitaire, Contemporary, Channel Set


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