1.52 ct GIA Oval Brilliant natural hpht diamond

1.52 ct GIA Oval Brilliant natural hpht diamond


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GIA Certified natural HPHT Diamond:








Cut Grade No
Carat Weight 1.52
Clarity Grade VS1
Color Grade E
Comments *This diamond has been treated by one or more processes to change it's color. (HPHT)
Culet No
Depth 68%
Flourescence None
Girdle Slightly Thick - Extremely Thick (Faceted)
Measurements 9.36 x 5.97 x 4.06 mm
Polish Grade Very Good
Shape Oval
Symmetry Grade Very Good
Table Size 58%
Why Buy GIA certified, natural HPHT diamond.


For the graceful woman, we recommend the Oval Cut Diamond. This diamond shape is similar to the traditional Round Brilliant Cut, except that it is slightly elongated. An Oval Cut is a desirable for a woman who wants the sparkle and class of a Round Brilliant Diamond, with a lower price tag. Like the Marquise Cut Diamond, the Oval Cut Diamond appears larger than its carat weight due to its elongated shape.


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