3.01 ct Round Brilliant Diamond, laser drilled [Sale Pending]

3.01 ct Round Brilliant Diamond, laser drilled [Sale Pending]

Ideal Price: $11,025

Appraised Value: $44,769

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Laser drilled diamonds

Laser drilled diamonds have had dark inclusions removed by a microscopic laser to improve the appearance of clarity. These diamonds bear no fillings and require no special care.

Laser Drilled Diamonds:








Carat Weight 3.01
Clarity Grade SI2
Color Grade E
Comments Laser drill plus minor enhancement located on edge of girdle. White inclusions. No black. This round cut natural diamond has been fashioned with elevated levels of accuracy and craftsmanship. The diamond possesses a harmonious balance between proportions and the display of fire and sparkle. This diamond is clean when viewed by the unaided eye. According to the July 30, 2018 diamond price guide: Price for a round brilliant diamond of this quality and size, without a laser drill or clarity enhancement is $54,932
Depth 65.2%
Flourescence Slight Blue
Girdle Medium - Thick
Measurements 8.88 x 9.03 x 5.84 mm
Cut Grade Very Good
Polish Grade Excellent
Shape Round
Symmetry Grade Very Good
Table Size 57%
Type Laser Drilled


The round brilliant diamond is perfect for any woman who appreciates classic beauty. Trends find that women who choose round brilliants enjoy traditional values and understated elegance. The circular shape of the diamond symbolizes that the love has no beginning, and no end. This shape is historically the most popular for engagement rings and because of its many facets, reflects more light than any other—offering the highest amount of sparkle and brilliance. Because of its timeless appeal and stunning optical qualities, round brilliant diamonds tend to carry higher values. Whether you are shopping for an engagement or investment grade diamond, we recommend considering round brilliant diamonds. The ideal cut, and most expensive Round Brilliant Diamond will exhibit a perfectly symmetrical "hearts and arrows" pattern when viewed under a Firescope viewer.


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