2.20 ct Pear Brilliant Cut Laser Drilled Diamond

2.20 ct Pear Brilliant Cut Laser Drilled Diamond


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Laser drilled diamonds

Laser drilled diamonds have had dark inclusions removed by a microscopic laser to improve the appearance of clarity. These diamonds bear no fillings and require no special care.

Laser Drilled Diamonds:








Carat Weight 2.20
Clarity Grade SI2
Color Grade D
Comments A laser drill was applied to remove a dark inclusion. Diamond is now clean when viewed by the unaided eye. Diamond was fashioned with high levels of accuracy and craftsmanship. Superb sparkle. Diamond possesses a harmonious balance between proportions and the display of excellent sparkle and fire. This diamond is nil of a dark bow tie. No frosting on tip.
According to the May 21, 2019 diamond price guide: Price for a non-laser drill Pear Brilliant diamond of this quality and size is: $20,240.
Depth 63%
Flourescence None
Girdle Thin- Sl.Thick
Measurements 10.72 X 7.23 X 4.73 mm
Cut Grade No
Polish Grade Very Good
Shape Pear
Symmetry Grade Very Good
Table Size 53%
Type Laser Drilled


The Pear Cut Diamond is often selected by women who are leaders with an eye for impeccable taste. They are thought to have a sense of individuality and embrace traditional elegance. An ideal Pear Cut Diamond will show very good or excellent symmetry, from the point to the apex of the round end. Because a Pear Cut Diamond has many facets, they sparkle in a similar fashion as the Round Brilliant Diamond.


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