2.24 ct Oval Brilliant Laser Drilled Diamond

2.24 ct Oval Brilliant Laser Drilled Diamond

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Appraised Value: $19,290

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Laser drilled diamonds

Laser drilled diamonds have had dark inclusions removed by a microscopic laser to improve the appearance of clarity. These diamonds bear no fillings and require no special care.

Laser Drilled Diamonds:







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Carat Weight 2.24
Clarity Grade SI2
Color Grade F
Comments A laser application was applied to remove a dark inclusion. This
diamond is now clean when viewed by the unaided eye. This oval
is long and thin. Measures like a larger diamond. Diamond was
fashioned with high levels of accuracy and craftsmanship. Superb
sparkle. Diamond possesses a harmonious balance between
proportions and the display of fire and sparkle L/W: 1.68
Depth 65.9%
Flourescence Faint
Girdle Slightly Thick
Measurements 6.92 x 11.66 x 4.56 mm
Cut Grade No
Polish Grade Excellent
Shape Oval
Symmetry Grade Very Good
Table Size 58%
Type Laser Drilled


For the graceful woman, we recommend the Oval Cut Diamond. This diamond shape is similar to the traditional Round Brilliant Cut, except that it is slightly elongated. An Oval Cut is a desirable for a woman who wants the sparkle and class of a Round Brilliant Diamond, with a lower price tag. Like the Marquise Cut Diamond, the Oval Cut Diamond appears larger than its carat weight due to its elongated shape.

Looks best on: Small hands or short fingers.

Ideal ring settings include: Halo, 3-Stone, Pave, Antique, Modern, Solitaire, Contemporary, Channel


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