HPHT Diamonds


CEO of Hadar Diamonds, Gerry Hauser, is a renowned expert in the subject of GIA Certified Natural HPHT Diamonds.  He has been interviewed and quoted by major trade publications, including Rapaport, as well as popular radio and television programs.  To speak with Gerry directly, contact us.  Much of our natural HPHT diamond inventory is unpublished.  For details on pricing and available HPHT diamonds, contact us.

About HPHT Diamonds

If you are seeking to impress , our GIA certified HPHT diamonds are one of the smartest and most glamorous buys in the diamond trade. They are suitable for savvy diamond buyers and sophisticated investors who want top color and clarity at a substantially lower price, while still being "fit for the vault." They are available in rare colorless and white grades, and fancy colors such as pink, yellow, red, and blue. In addition to their breathtaking color grades ranging from D to H, these rare beauties are brilliant, with exceptionally high clarity grades from VVS2 to flawless—comprising of less than 1% of the world's rarest and most-coveted Type 2a diamonds. The Type 2a classification means that the diamond is nitrogen-free and naturally void of impurities. These diamonds are truly gorgeous—exhibiting the same qualities as some of the world's rarest diamonds. Because of their rarity, with time, we believe the demand for HPHT diamonds will increase, along with their price tag. Therefore, we believe that HPHT processed diamonds are not only fitting for a symbol of love, they are also a good investment.

GIA certified HPHT diamonds are genuine, naturally mined diamonds formed in volcanic sources that have undergone the HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) process. This process applies the same pressure and temperature the earth uses to form a diamond. Since the strength and clarity grade of HPHT diamonds, which originally start out as sparkling champagne color, is so rare and highly desired, scientists discovered that it was possible to convert the champagne color to colorless and white—allowing them to be more fitting of diamond buyers desired colors. The GIA accepts and certifies HPHT diamonds and deems the process as permanent. HPHT diamond are NOT synthetic. To learn more about our GIA certified HPHT diamonds, visit our HPHT Diamonds page.

What does HPHT stand for?

High pressure, high temperature.

In a nutshell, what is HPHT?

HPHT is a diamond color enhancement process performed only on rare Type 2a diamonds with the highest structural integrity and clarity grades. The process mimics the same geological conditions the earth uses to uncover colorless and white diamonds.

What is the HPHT process?

HPHT stands for high pressure, high temperature. HPHT is applied to extremely rare and desired Type 2a natural diamonds. For more information on the process, visit HPHT education.

NOTE: HPHT diamonds are not treated diamonds. HPHT diamond processing does not involve chemicals, and HPHT diamonds are not irradiated or coated.

What are the benefits of buying an HPHT diamond?

The major benefits of buying an HPHT natural diamond is having the ability to own a gorgeous diamond, with the highest clarity and color grades, larger sizes and that offer substantial savings than an unprocessed diamond. We also believe that given the rarity of these diamonds, demand will become stronger and prices will increase in future years.

How do I care for an HPHT diamond?

Like all diamonds, HPHT diamonds have a solid reputation for being extremely durable and hard. They can withstand extreme temperature and heat conditions, are resistant to general wear and tear, and do not change over time. This is due to the superior composition (no nitrogen) of the stone before processing. They require no special cleaning or care.

How can I see a GIA certified HPHT diamond?

If you're shopping for a GIA certified diamond and you would like to discuss your choices with an experienced, knowledgeable trade member, contact us. We will FedEx you a diamond for a viewing in the comfort of your own home.