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HPHT diamonds are genuine, mined diamonds. They are suitable for diamond buyers who want top color and clarity, at a substantially lower price, all with GIA certificates. They wear like all other top quality natural diamonds. There are no caveats.

HPHT diamonds have the same qualities as the world's rarest
vaulted gems

—Like all other diamonds, these beauties are formed in volcanic sources

—GIA prized D, E, F, G and H colors, .50 to 9.0 carat sizes available

—Superior clarity ranging from VVS2 to Flawless

—Security—the diamond will maintain its appearance and natural properties forever

—Accompanied by GIA Certificate

Before & After: HPHT Process of GIA Certified Diamonds

HPHT Diamonds

Figure 1. HPHT process. The difference is the color out of the ground is originally indicative of colors shown in the above graphic. At this early stage, the hue represents brownish and champagne diamonds. It's only after the diamond goes through the HPHT process when the diamond faces up colorless or white.

What is the HPHT process?

HPHT stands for high pressure, high temperature. HPHT is applied to the few diamonds that are not fully crystallized ("premature diamonds") when released from fiery, erupting volcanoes. The process is a carefully controlled, scientific procedure where high pressure and high temperature is used to finish what Nature started by applying the same atmospheric pressure (70,000 atmospheres) and temperature (3,682°F) conditions required to bring a diamond to its fully "mature" state. The HPHT process involves gemologists carefully positioning a diamond in a "containment cube" that is surrounded by heating mechanisms. The cube is then placed in a press to apply the same amount of pressure the earth creates when forming diamonds. As you can imagine, these multi-million dollar facilities are very sophisticated and are centered around an enormous computer controlled diamond press.

HPHT mimics the exact same conditions that occur in the volcanic environments where diamonds are found. This process brings a candidate diamond to its most mature, desirable, colorless state. Mature diamonds are defined as those that show a highly coveted D, E, F, G or H color grade. The HPHT process simply finishes what nature started.

The HPHT diamond maturation process is permanent. Even though heat and pressure is applied to bring a natural, high clarity, top light brown (TLB) or top, top light brown (TTLB) to a white color grade, it is important to note that these diamonds are not synthetics.

Only superior grade, Type 2 a, TLB and TTLB diamonds are candidates for HPHT. These diamonds must have clarity grades of FL-VVS2 the highest clarities available. The end result is you'll be wearing a diamond anyone will admire possessing the same qualities as some of the world's rarest, vaulted diamonds.

NOTE: HPHT diamonds are not treated diamonds. HPHT diamond processing does not involve chemicals, are not irradiated or coated.


What are the benefits of buying an HPHT diamond?

The major benefit of buying an HPHT natural diamond is having the ability to purchase the highest clarities and white diamonds with savings from 45-68%.


How can I see a GIA certified HPHT diamond?

If you're shopping for a GIA certified diamond and you'd like to discuss your choices with an experienced, knowledgeable trade member, fill out the contact form at To view HPHT diamond inventory online, click here.

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