Clarity Enhanced Diamonds



What is a clarity enhanced diamond?  Before vs. after enhancement

Clarity enhanced diamonds are one of the most affordable options when buying a beautiful natural diamond. Many buyers choose clarity enhanced diamonds because you can purchase a larger diamond expressing the same qualities and appearance than a smaller one of equal appearance at a similar price. 

The clarity enhancement process simply removes surface inclusion(s). Once the clarity is upgraded, the diamond will reflect more sparkle —which ultimately creates more brilliance and fire than it had previously. The end result is a stunning diamond that appears flawless to the naked eye. 

Learn more by watching the above video, "What is a Clarity Enhanced Diamond? Before vs. After Enhancement."

Why would a diamond require enhancement?

A diamond would be enhanced for two reasons: 

1. Nature, during the crystallization process leaves inclusions on top or inside the diamond. 

2. When a diamond cutter slips on the cutting wheel, a surface inclusion (feather) is left on the stone’s surface. (Hadar Diamonds specializes only in restoring man-made feathers. Why? Feathers created by nature usually requires more attention to achieve the diamond's ultimate beauty.) 

At times, black inclusions are present. With modern technology, we can laser drill these diamonds for proper restoration. All of Hadar Diamonds enhancement processes cannot be seen by the unaided eye.

What is your warranty on clarity enhanced diamonds?

Hadar Diamonds offers a lifetime warranty on all clarity enhanced diamonds we sell. Clarity enhanced diamonds wear like all other natural diamonds and the process is permanent. In the event there is a rare mishap, Hadar Diamonds will guarantee the diamond by refilling it at no charge. Only exposing the diamond to harsh chemicals or flame in excess of 1,500 degrees could possibly breach the enhancement. Care instructions are emailed prior to delivery and are included inside your package. It’s really simple to care for CE diamonds.

Will others be able to tell if it is a clarity enhanced diamond?

The simple answer is no. Only trained trade members are able to identify the enhancement and do so by viewing the diamond under 10X magnification.

How is a diamond's clarity enhanced?

A diamond-like substance is applied or a laser drill is used to remove a dark inclusion. This does not add or subtract from the diamonds weight. The only difference is optical. An improved, more magnificent, sparkling diamond is born. The diamond will also test positive when a diamond tester is placed over the enhancement.

How do I know if a diamond is clarity enhanced?

According to US regulations, we must and do declare clarity enhancement to the buyer.

Are clarity enhanced diamonds certified?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are graded and certified by many credible labs. Accredited Gemological Institute (AGI) certifications and appraisals, for one, are recognized by most U.S major insurance companies.