Laser Drilled Diamonds


Laser drilled diamonds are becoming a major contender in the bridal diamond market. We often recommend them to couples who want a highly affordable, beautiful diamond without fillings.

This process improves the clarity of a diamond with an obvious dark inclusion. This is done by utilizing a microscopic laser to remove the spot, resulting in a higher clarity grade than it had in its previous state. The laser fashioning is clean, precise, and does not interfere with the integrity of the diamond. In general, the results of laser drilling raises the appearance of a diamond that was once I1 to VS2-SI2. A large dark inclusion can impede approximately 25% of the sparkle. The result is a diamond with more fire and sparkle than it had before the laser drilling.

Forward thinkers in the diamond trade equivocate laser drilling to cutting. In the past, inclusions could only be removed by cutting valuable material outside of the diamond. Now, with proven, modern technology, laser drilling allows for internal dark inclusions to be removed without losing mass or sacrificing carat weight.

The GIA deems the laser drilling process permanent, meaning it will maintain its stability and appearance for a lifetime. These types of diamonds require no special care and can be worn like any other diamond. A laser drilled diamond will cost a minimum of 35% less than a commonly marketed traditional diamond of the same quality and characteristics.

For more information, read “What are Laser Drilled Diamonds and Why You Really Want One” or contact us.