The 1 carat Diamond Sale – March and April 2015

Monday, March 9, 2015 1:09:52 PM America/Los_Angeles

A beautiful, 1 carat diamond…  The traditional size for a classic woman.  For centuries, diamonds have been cherished for their remarkable beauty and sparkle.  In the trade, diamonds 1 carat and above will generally bring higher prices than a diamond that may have the appearance and spread of 1 carat, such as a .80 carat diamond.

If you are getting engaged, looking for a portable asset, or simply want to be adorned with a stunning gemstone from Mother Nature’s museum of fine art, Hadar Diamonds is showcasing and offering 1 – 1.75 carat diamonds on sale in March and April of 2015.

The following sampling of Hadar Diamonds inventory includes select 1 carat+ diamonds.  Take a moment to enjoy real photos and actual videos of our proud beauties:

1.09 carat, Round Brilliant, GIA certified, F color, VVS2, Excellent Cut, natural HPHT Diamond  |  $8,116

With top-tier characteristics of a diamond worthy of the vault, this 1.09 carat Round Brilliant diamond is set to impress even those with the most discriminating taste.  This sparkler boasts a GIA certified, high F color, desirable VVS2 clarity, and Excellent cut—displaying magnificent fire and brilliance.  Set in a classic, elegant solitaire engagement ring setting to flaunt its natural beauty, or in a halo engagement ring setting for extra bling and the appearance of a larger diamond.

GIA certified natural HPHT diamonds are highly desirable and becoming increasingly popular with sophisticated investors and couples looking for top-tier characteristics, all within a pleasing price range.  To learn more about GIA certified, natural HPHT diamonds, we invite you to visit our HPHT diamond FAQs and education center.



1.51 carat, Princess Brilliant Cut, G color, Si1, clarity enhanced diamond  |  $4,378

If you are looking for a sparkling beauty with a slightly rectangular appeal, as found in radiant or princess cut diamonds, the 1.51 carat Princess Brilliant cut will dazzle your eyes, hand, and bank account.  For under $4,500, you can enjoy the beauty of this popular shape that offers high value per carat, as more of the diamond rough is maintained with this shape during the cutting process.

Princess cut diamonds are often treasured by outgoing women who follow trends and fashion.  Women who choose princess cuts are thought of as embracing chance and living life with zeal.

We invite you to enjoy the real photos and actual videos of this beautifully fashioned, princess cut, clarity enhanced diamond.



1.21 carat, Round Brilliant, Fancy Deep Purple-Pink, VS2, diamond  |  $7,350

For the woman who loves pink and wants to stand out from the crowd, we recommend viewing the gorgeous 1.21 carat, Round Brilliant, Fancy Deep Purple-Pink diamond… with a stunning VS2 clarity!  The luscious color and stunning clarity of this GIA certified diamond will make you and your girlfriends fawn over its remarkable beauty. 

Pink diamonds are perfect for engagement rings or a gift to yourself that can be adored in a beautiful pendant or ring setting.



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