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5 Valentine’s Day Diamond Engagement Rings Under $5,000

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 5:10:43 PM America/Los_Angeles

UPDATED Sales for 2018!  Read the latest, "3 Valentine's Day Diamond Deals for under $3k"  ~

Planning a proposal this Valentine’s Day?  Do you want a pretty, natural diamond while still saving up for other exciting purchases, such as a home, a car, or other luxuries you and your lovely can share together?  Shop the Valentine’s Day Diamond Sale 2016 for the prettiest diamonds at the best price anywhere you shop!  Whether you are looking to stay within a $5,000 or a $5,000,000 price range, Hadar Diamonds can help!

#1:  1.10 ct Oval set in “The One” Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

For the regal woman who appreciates elegance and grace, we recommend the 1.10 carat Oval Brilliant Laser Drilled Diamond paired with the 14K  “The One” Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring.  With its top D color, SI1 clarity and exceptional layout, the 1.10 carat Oval is meant to impress at a pleasing price.  Paired with the popular “The One” Classic Solitaire, the statement is fit for royalty. 

Actual diamond video available (below).


Total price for diamond and ring:  $4,135


Oval Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring Under $5,000


#2:  The 1.02 ct Princess Cut Diamond set in a Halo Engagement Ring Setting

For under $4,000 she can flaunt a pretty Princess Cut Halo Engagement ring with high levels of fire and sparkle.  The 1.02 Princess Cut clarity enhanced diamond is eye-clean when viewed by the unaided eye and boasts Very Good symmetry and polish.  Set in the 14K gold Genevieve Halo Engagement Ring setting, the 1.02 will be a gorgeous addition to your angel’s hand.


Total price for diamond and ring:  $3,562

Princess Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Under $5,000


#3:  1.01 ct E, Triple Excellent, Round Brilliant paired with an Asymmetrical Solitaire

For the romantic who appreciates unique beauty, we recommend the 1.01 carat Round Brilliant Laser Drilled diamond paired with the 14K Asymmetrical Solitaire Engagement ring.  The 1.01 carat round brilliant is Ideal cut with top-tier E color, and a highly desirable Triple Excellent grade on cut, polish, and symmetry for fire and sparkle.  Paired with the Asymmetrical Solitaire Engagement ring in 14K gold, the 1.01 carat center diamond will be complemented with a cascade of diamonds along the curvy band of this ring.  Actual diamond video available (below).


Total price for diamond and ring:  $4,385.00


Round Brilliant Diamond Asymmetrical Solitaire Engagement Ring



#4:  .50 ct GIA Certified, D, Flawless with a Double-Halo Diamond and Sapphire Ring!

WOW her with a .50 carat Round Brilliant, GIA Certified Round Brilliant natural HPHT diamond set in a stunning Double-Halo Engagement Ring  with diamonds and sapphires!  This .50 carat Round Brilliant Diamond has everything you want in a diamond, including a top D color, Internally Flawless clarity, and a Triple Excellent cut, polish, and symmetry grade.  The appearance of its size will be magnified when it becomes the centerpiece of the designer 14K gold Double-Halo Engagement Ring set with diamonds and sapphires.  Perfect for the woman who wants everything in a natural, gorgeous diamond engagement ring for under $5,000!

Actual diamond video available (below).

Total price:  $4,663

Round Brilliant Diamond Double-Halo Engagement Ring with Diamonds and Sapphires Under $5,000



#5:  1.51 carat Cushion Cut Diamond paired with “The One” Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

Sparkle, shimmer, and shine with an impressive size for under $5,000!  The 1.51 carat Cushion Cut Laser Drilled Diamond boasts magnificent brilliance with a medium rectangle pillow shape.  Ideal for a sparkling Valentine’s Day Diamond Engagement Ring, it is perfect for a center showpiece when set in the 14K “The One” Classic Solitaire diamond engagement ring. 

Actual diamond video available (below).

Total price:  $4,985

Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Under $5,000



Contact Hadar Diamonds to inquire about Valentine's Day Diamond Prices.  Prices above valid through 2/04/16.

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The Top 3 CyberMonday Diamonds of the Day… With Video Reviews! (11/12/15)

Thursday, November 12, 2015 12:58:37 PM America/Los_Angeles

Yes, you know it!  CyberMonday is coming up on us very soon!  To help you reserve your choice CyberMonday diamond deals for 2015, Hadar Diamonds is opening up the sale today to ensure you reserve the sparkler you want.

Today we are going to showcase three types of CyberMonday diamonds you may not even knew existed.  In addition to an affordable price, the following natural diamonds will make you or your loved one the envy of the neighborhood.

#1:  The 1 carat Radiant Cut Diamond Sparkler with Top D color for $2,250 (as of 11/12/15)

The Radiant Cut Diamond is often adored by women who follow fashion trends, live life to the fullest, and enjoy being the center of attention.  With its many facets, a properly cut Radiant Cut Diamond will have extraordinary fire and sparkle.

This on-the-point 1 carat Radiant Cut, Laser Drilled Diamond boasts top D color, superior craftsmanship, and excellent sparkle.  Laser drilled diamonds are an ideal choice for couples looking to save money while still knowing they own a gorgeous, natural diamond that requires no special care.

View the video to see why this beauty is a spectacular CyberMonday Deal!

#2:  The 1.01 carat Round Brilliant Diamond with a Triple Excellent Rating and top-tier E color for $2,400 (as of 11/12/15)

The Round Brilliant Diamond is known for its timeless appeal and ideal for the traditional woman.  The circular shape symbolizes that love has no beginning and no end.  This shape is historically the most popular for engagement rings, and because of its many facets, reflects more light than any other.

The 1.01 carat Round Brilliant Laser Drilled Diamond is indeed a special diamond perfect for a CyberMonday deal.  It is Ideal cut, boasts a top-tier E color, and highly sought after Triple Excellent rating on cut, polish, and symmetry.  If you are looking for a 1 carat Round Brilliant Diamond for under $2,500, consider previewing this diamond at home at no charge or obligation.

View the video to see its beautiful cut fashioning:

Of course, what kind of CyberMonday Diamond Sale would it be if we didn’t show a big diamond?  Try this one on for size…

#3:  The 4.10 carat Round Brilliant, top D color, Triple Excellent Clarity Enhanced Diamond for $18,450 (as of 11/12/15)

Imagine putting a 4+ carat diamond engagement ring on her hand this holiday that looks like a $50,000+ diamond!  One of the major advantages of considering Clarity Enhanced Diamonds is that you can indeed afford larger carat weights that are natural and beautiful.

The 4.10 carat Round Brilliant displays magnificent sparkle and fire, along with a top D color, Ideal cut, and Triple Excellent rating on cut, polish, and symmetry.  Whether she is walking into a room or toasting her friends over a holiday feast, one of the first things your friends in the room will notice is gorgeous, sparkling nugget gleaming from her hand.

Review the video below and see why this 4+ carat clarity enhanced diamond is one of our favorite CyberMonday Diamonds!

Want more?  Call, text, or email Hadar Diamonds to hear about unpublished inventory we just received for the upcoming holidays.

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The 1 carat Diamond Sale – March and April 2015

Monday, March 9, 2015 1:09:52 PM America/Los_Angeles

A beautiful, 1 carat diamond…  The traditional size for a classic woman.  For centuries, diamonds have been cherished for their remarkable beauty and sparkle.  In the trade, diamonds 1 carat and above will generally bring higher prices than a diamond that may have the appearance and spread of 1 carat, such as a .80 carat diamond.

If you are getting engaged, looking for a portable asset, or simply want to be adorned with a stunning gemstone from Mother Nature’s museum of fine art, Hadar Diamonds is showcasing and offering 1 – 1.75 carat diamonds on sale in March and April of 2015.

The following sampling of Hadar Diamonds inventory includes select 1 carat+ diamonds.  Take a moment to enjoy real photos and actual videos of our proud beauties:

1.09 carat, Round Brilliant, GIA certified, F color, VVS2, Excellent Cut, natural HPHT Diamond  |  $8,116

With top-tier characteristics of a diamond worthy of the vault, this 1.09 carat Round Brilliant diamond is set to impress even those with the most discriminating taste.  This sparkler boasts a GIA certified, high F color, desirable VVS2 clarity, and Excellent cut—displaying magnificent fire and brilliance.  Set in a classic, elegant solitaire engagement ring setting to flaunt its natural beauty, or in a halo engagement ring setting for extra bling and the appearance of a larger diamond.

GIA certified natural HPHT diamonds are highly desirable and becoming increasingly popular with sophisticated investors and couples looking for top-tier characteristics, all within a pleasing price range.  To learn more about GIA certified, natural HPHT diamonds, we invite you to visit our HPHT diamond FAQs and education center.



1.51 carat, Princess Brilliant Cut, G color, Si1, clarity enhanced diamond  |  $4,378

If you are looking for a sparkling beauty with a slightly rectangular appeal, as found in radiant or princess cut diamonds, the 1.51 carat Princess Brilliant cut will dazzle your eyes, hand, and bank account.  For under $4,500, you can enjoy the beauty of this popular shape that offers high value per carat, as more of the diamond rough is maintained with this shape during the cutting process.

Princess cut diamonds are often treasured by outgoing women who follow trends and fashion.  Women who choose princess cuts are thought of as embracing chance and living life with zeal.

We invite you to enjoy the real photos and actual videos of this beautifully fashioned, princess cut, clarity enhanced diamond.



1.21 carat, Round Brilliant, Fancy Deep Purple-Pink, VS2, diamond  |  $7,350

For the woman who loves pink and wants to stand out from the crowd, we recommend viewing the gorgeous 1.21 carat, Round Brilliant, Fancy Deep Purple-Pink diamond… with a stunning VS2 clarity!  The luscious color and stunning clarity of this GIA certified diamond will make you and your girlfriends fawn over its remarkable beauty. 

Pink diamonds are perfect for engagement rings or a gift to yourself that can be adored in a beautiful pendant or ring setting.



For more selections in the Hadar Diamonds 1 carat Diamond Sale, visit www.HadarDiamonds.com

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Valentine's Day Diamonds and Gift Ideas that Will WOW her in 2015

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 2:17:46 PM America/Los_Angeles

UPDATED 2/10/2015:

Valentines Day is soon approaching!  This year, WOW her more than ever with the gift of diamonds and high-end jewelry.  Whether you are planning on getting engaged or want to give her a gift she will always remember and wear every day, women still agree, "Diamonds are one of the most special and memorable gifts they can receive on Valentine's Day."

If you are planning on getting engaged Valentines Day 2015 (February 14, 2015):

Yes, it is still possible to buy a beautiful 3+ carat diamond engagement ring for under $14,000.  Consider a ravishing choice with a large carat weight clarity enhanced diamond set in an elegant, classic solitaire ring.

Today we are showcasing a 3.61 carat Cushion Cut Diamond with a highly desirable VS2 clarity, F color, and Excellent symmetry.  This clarity enhanced diamond is eye-clean.  Its extraordinary sparkle and impressive size that appears close to 4 carats will make her the envy of all of her girlfriends this Valentine's Day.   This diamond is beautiful enough to stand on its own in an 18K white gold, traditional-style solitaire setting, modeled after high-end engagement ring designs.  Watch the video and witness amazing sparkle!

Diamond price:  $13,250

Classic solitaire in 18KW gold:  $385

Engagement ring price with diamond:  $13,635


Spoil her for Valentine's Day and every day with the Classic Diamond Tennis Bracelet:

Light up her wrist this February 14th with a lavish gift every woman secretly craves... the diamond tennis bracelet.  Available with one row of diamonds to four,  Hadar Diamonds offers tennis  bracelets for every personality, in every price range.  Have a special design in mind?  Our designers can meticulously craft any arrangement you can imagine.  For custom designs, CAD drawings are sent to you prior to making her new treasure.  To learn more, contact us and we will help you determine what size and style is most appropriate for her taste.

 Diamond Tennis Bracelet Sale for Valentines Day

Looking for a gift she will wear every day?  The forever classic diamond stud earrings will make her sparkle all throughout the year.

Diamond stud earrings are a unique gift in the way that they are versatile and wearable for any occasion.  Many women wear their diamond earrings on every day—from the gym and yoga, to the office, and even to the most elegant affair.

The versatility of diamond earring studs is why fashion mavens all over the world consider diamond studs to be a "fashion basic,"  meaning that they are a staple in a classic wardrobe. 

For size, women are traditionally happy with 1-1.25 total carat weight.  However, when it comes to diamonds, many women agree that they would be elated to have the largest diamonds they can afford.  This is where considering clarity enhanced diamonds can make a difference.  This type of diamond allows your lovely to flaunt larger sizes at prices that are within reach.

 Valentines Day Diamond Sale:  Diamond Earring Studs and Halo Earrings

Does she have a costume jewelry piece she cherishes?  For the ultimate surprise and Valentine's Day gift, have it modeled with natural diamonds, gemstones, and gold or platinum! 

Perhaps she found a bracelet, ring, or necklace that she purchased at a department store years ago, even before you met.  She wears it often, and it is starting to show how much it has been loved.  How about making her treasured trinket into an heirloom quality piece that will last an eternity?

Common requests include diamond hoop earrings, vintage jewelry that is no longer made, and recreating vintage necklaces and bracelets to include high quality metals, diamonds and gemstones.  Of course, romantic touches, such as including your initials in the design, can be incorporated into a Valentine's Day gift she will always remember.

To start, simply email or text us photographs of the idea, and we can quote the price for you.


For more information on how to gift the special woman in your life this Valentine's Day, contact us.  

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7 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond, GIA Certified HPHT. A Collector's Diamond

Monday, November 10, 2014 3:26:01 PM America/Los_Angeles

If you have lavish, sophisticated taste, and still have an eye for getting the best for your investment, consider our latest addition to the Fine Collection.  This 7.11 ct Cushion Cut Diamond boasts a GIA certified, top E color and VVS1 clarity.  Natural HPHT.  With top measurements of 15.63 mm x 10.31 mm, this beauty has a rectangular appeal, and is sure to impress at any occasion. 

We invite you to view the GIA certificate to view the diagrams and actual proportions. 

Cushion cut diamonds of this size and shape are a rare find...  surely you will be giving her the moon and the stars if you are looking to set this sparkler in an engagement ring. 

For more information, contact us.

7 carat Cushion Cut Diamond | GIA Certified, natural HPHT

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How to Upgrade or Sell a Clarity Enhanced Diamond

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 3:16:59 PM America/Los_Angeles

How to Upgrade or Sell a Clarity Enhanced Diamond

While shopping for a diamond, many consumers want to know if they can sell or upgrade it at any point in the future.

One question we receive often is if it is just as easy to upgrade or resell a clarity enhanced diamond versus a non-enhanced diamond.  The answer is yes.  Every natural diamond is priced to its own value.  An enhanced diamond can be upgraded or liquidated like all other commodities.  So how would one go about doing this?

The key is to find reputable diamond brokerages, exchanges, or consignment houses including:

1.  Diamond brokerages:  Hadar Diamonds maintains a service allowing clients to liquidate any type of natural diamond, including ones that are clarity enhanced, at a 4-6% commission.

2Diamond bourses:.  These are cash market, diamond exchanges where merchants in the diamond trade buy and sell diamonds.  Diamond bourses are located in the United States, and all around the world. 

3.  Diamond consignment houses:  Hadar Diamonds, Inc., offers consignment services where we will help you sell your diamond through our retail network.

Naturally, the next question is "How long does it typically take to upgrade or liquidate a clarity enhanced diamond?"  At Hadar Diamonds, we estimate 4 business days from the time it is received. For your security, Hadar Diamonds will email you a signed contract prior to you sending the diamond that acknowledges our agreement.  When sending the diamond, we request a copy of the grading certificate.

Will I lose a lot of money by liquidating a clarity enhanced diamond?  Does the diamond depreciate?

Clarity enhanced diamonds, like all commodities, including gem quality diamonds fluctuate in the marketplace based on supply and demand.  Since 1929,  diamonds have decreased only 14 times.  The prices have remained stable or increased in value. 

84 Year Track Record

A)  54 years of increasing prices
B)  16 years of prices staying the same
14 years of decreasing prices

Each yearly increase in price has exceeded the rate of inflation.  Historically, during times of economic uncertainty, inflation, or war, clarity enhanced diamonds, like other gem quality diamonds have increased in value. 

9 Year Price Comparison

Year of Sale

Carat Size

Color Grade

Clarity Grade

Cut Grade



1.35 carat



Ideal cut



1.35 carat



Ideal cut



For more answers and information related to the subject matter covered today, we invite you to contact Gerry Hauser, CEO of Hadar Diamonds.  He is also available to discuss the clarity enhancement process, why it is stable, and current market conditions.  Since 1978, Mr. Hauser has been a recognized consumer advocate and has advised others how to purchase and sell diamonds.  He has been interviewed on KOA and WITC radio.  He has also been a guest speaker at Howard Ruff and Jim Blanchard "hard money" investment conferences.  He has been quoted numerous times in the Ruff Times and Precious Stones newsletters. 

As Featured On EzineArticles

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New! Video: What are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 3:41:59 PM America/Los_Angeles

Clarity Enhanced Diamond Inventory 


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A History of Diamond Treatments: Artistry and Value through Cutting and Dying

Sunday, May 15, 2011 4:21:45 PM America/Los_Angeles

Diamond treatments in the 14th Century were known to be an art form that significantly increased the value of the diamond. It was first in the early 14th Century when the true polishing and cutting to create new facet arrangements and shapes where thought to evolve (Balfour, 2000). As cutting technology advanced, it was natural that the diamond manufacturers learned how to improve the brilliance and color of a diamond. As a result is probable that a variety of coating techniques soon emerged.

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A History of Diamond Treatments

Thursday, May 12, 2011 11:15:19 AM America/Los_Angeles

The technology of diamond and gem enhancement is directly related to that of human advancement. It is well known that technological advancements in history were primarily meant to serve the King of Queens. Innovations in diamond treatments were no exception, as precious gems were, and still continue to be, a symbol of status and prestige. Over the past hundred-plus years, the technology of diamond treatments has accelerated and progressed so much, that it has literally reshaped the world of contemporary diamantaires.

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