Top 3 Laser Drilled Diamonds of the Week - A Review by Hadar Diamonds

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 9:01:58 AM America/Los_Angeles

Laser drilled, a.k.a., Laser enhanced diamonds are becoming increasingly popular with couples who want a beautiful diamond, at an affordable price.  This week we are showcasing our top 3 picks that include round brilliant, oval, and radiant cuts that have only been laser drilled—no fillings.

1)  The classic round brilliant diamond—laser drilled, no feather fillings

1.87 Round Cut, Laser Drilled Diamond

This 1.87 ct, round, laser drilled diamond appears closer to a 2 ct weight diamond.  It has a great spread, and has a very good Premium cut.  With a G color, and SI1 clarity, this diamond would call for a price over $13,500 without laser enhancement.  As of 4/10/14, the price of this diamond is $5,299.

2)  The Graceful Oval Cut Diamond—laser drilled, no feather fillings

2.45 ct Oval cut Laser Drilled Diamond - No fillings

This 2.45 ct Oval cut diamond was designed to impress, all for under $7,000 (as of 4/10/14).  This diamond was cut and polished with superior accuracy and craftsmanship.  The diamond faces up white, and white inclusions are not visible to the naked eye.  With a top D color, and SI2 clarity, this diamond would retail for approximately $20,000 if non-enhanced.

3)  The fashionable Radiant Cut Diamond—laser drilled, no feather fillings

1.02 ct Radiant Cut Diamond - Laser Drilled

This 1.02 ct Radiant cut diamond boasts a highly desirable top E color, and Excellent cut grade (meaning maximum sparkle).  The meticulous fashioning and excellent proportions of this diamond generates excellent degrees of fire and sparkle.  As of 4/10/14, the price of this diamond is $2,150.


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