Today’s Valentine’s Day Diamonds Pick for 2017

Monday, January 2, 2017 2:37:44 PM America/Los_Angeles

Are you still reveling in the bliss of the holidays with your loved one? Why not make it official this year with a Valentine’s Day Diamond Sale offering the prettiest diamonds at the best prices?

Today’s Valentine’s Day Diamond deal is a stunning .98 carat Round Brilliant laser drilled diamond for under $2,000.  With this stone, you will experience exceptional beauty at an affordable price to make it easy to propose with confidence on February 14th, 2017.

This near 1 carat laser drilled diamond offers an Excellent cut that translates into amazing sparkle and a top-tier E color that is pleasing to the eye.  There are no fillings in this laser drilled diamond, making it available to wear like any other commonly marketed diamond with no special care required.

Ideal for an affordable diamond engagement ring, we recommend this sparkler be set in the Classic Solitaire ($385) or a split-shank halo engagement ring ($1,865) for a little extra bling.  Yes, it IS possible to propose with a beautiful 1 carat diamond engagement ring for under $5k!

We invite you to watch the actual video of the .98 carat Round Brilliant, laser drilled diamond and email us your ideas for your dream diamond engagement ring by clicking here.

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Cassandra Taylor