Actual Videos of The Top 2 carat + CyberMonday Diamonds Deals of the Day (12/1/14)

Monday, December 1, 2014 7:38:50 PM America/Los_Angeles

Our previous entry discussed a delightful array of 3+ carat diamonds and various price ranges for CyberMonday.  This dinner hour, we are showcasing a sparkling handful of another popular size with women—the 2 carat diamond.

This sampling includes a 2.03 carat Princess Cut, a 2 carat Cushion Cut, and a 2.13 carat Round Brilliant diamond.  Learn what you can have in a beautiful, sparkling 2 carat diamond from $4,850 to $22k.

1)  The 2.03 ct. Princess Cut, F color, Laser Drilled Only Diamond |  $4,850

Perfect for the gal who wants bling and watches the checkbook.  This 2.03 ct Princess Cut Diamond is a true beauty.  As you can see in the video, this diamond is a showstopper at a conservative price.  In any light, its very good proportions displays extraordinary high levels of fire and sparkle. 

Brilliance:  Ideal

Light Dispersion:  Ideal

Scintillation:  Excellent


2)  The 2.00 ct. Cushion Cut, F color, Laser Drilled Only Diamond  |  $6,950

Ahhh... the Cushion Cut.   What else can we say.  A romantic cut for the woman who adores sparkle and luster in all in one sparkling treasure.  This royal shape is reminiscent of romance and fantasy, combined with an elegant, traditional feel. Cushion shaped diamonds have been used as tokens of a promise to marry for over two centuries.

An absolute charmer, this 2.00 on-the-head Cushion is rated Excellent, and rates highly for:

Brilliance:  Ideal

Light Dispersion:  Ideal

Scintillation:  Ideal

With no fillings, this F color, SI1 Laser Drilled diamond is Cut to Impress.



3)  The 2.13 ct., Round Brilliant, GIA Certified, E color, Triple Excellent , natural HPHT Diamond | $22k

Cut to satisfy the most selective woman, this 2.13 carat Round Brilliant, colorless diamond will knock her socks off.  Amazing sparkle and shine, with an exceptional "Hearts and Arrows" Ideal cut.  Rounds are adored by women who hold traditional values.  The meticulous cut and color on this diamond is fit for even the most sophisticated woman in the room.

Triple Excellent Cut, Polish, and Symmetry

Top-Tier E color

GIA Certified SI1 Clarity



Hadar Diamonds will be updating the website with new inventory by the hour.  We welcome you to visit often or contact us for more information.

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