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Friday, November 9, 2018 8:09:29 AM America/Los_Angeles

The holidays are just around the corner.  So, we know that as you are shopping for the special lady in your life, you certainly want to find a unique and beautiful piece of diamond jewelry that will shine brilliantly and impress her.  But, not every diamond is alike.  Diamonds come in a range of cuts, quality, and price ranges.  However, unlike what you may have heard, buying a diamond doesn’t always have to break the bank.  In fact, here at Hadar Diamonds, we can help you purchase beautiful diamonds at a price that will make you smile as you surprise the lady in your life for the holidays!

For example, you can buy all of the top diamond cuts available in today’s market such as: round, princess, Asscher, cushion, radiant, emerald, oval, pear, marquise, heart, and trilliant, yet probably pay more.  However, Hadar Diamonds can show you how a little bit of education can save you money on your diamond jewelry purchase.  We specialize in a niche market for diamonds that fall into a unique category.  These diamonds are either HPHT (high pressure high temperature) stones or laser drilled stones.  Read about HPHT diamonds and learn why diamond buyers who want diamonds with the best color and clarity shop for these stones because of the competitive price advantage that these stones offer.  Likewise, consumers in the market for bridal rings have discovered that laser drilled diamonds can also provide an affordable alternative to couples seeking a special ring for their engagement or wedding.    

Like regular diamonds, these diamonds are beautiful, lustrous, and look exquisite in today’s jewelry designs.  After all, these are real GIA diamonds.  In fact, you cannot see a difference in the look of the stone.  However, you will notice a difference in price compared to average diamonds on the market today.  That’s why Hadar Diamonds is the place to shop if you are looking for a special piece of jewelry that’s beautiful and affordable.

Gerry Hauser, President of Hadar Diamonds, not only prides himself on offering these exquisite diamonds to his customers at reasonable prices, but showing his customers how much he cares.  Several years ago, he made a ring for a woman who he later found out was seriously ill and not expected to live.  Gerry made the ring and sent it to her.  But he never heard from her again.  Gerry was delighted to recently receive a phone call from his former customer who advised him that she was alive and well.  She subsequently ordered a ring with featuring a laser drilled diamond center stone.  Because he’s a people person, Gerry loves to hear good news and heart-warming stories like this from his customers.  Gerry views all of his customers as friends and customers appreciate Gerry for his personal touch with them.  This is part of what makes Hadar Diamonds such a pleasure to deal with.

To find out more about these beautiful stones offered at a great price and friendly customer service, please contact Gerry at Hadar Diamonds at Gerry@hadardiamonds.com or via telephone at 858-737-4862.  Gerry can also be reached via text at 619-572-8100.


Grade:  G, SI2, Very Good Cut, laser drilled diamond

What we love about this diamond:  Absolutely stunning!  This diamond relays stunning sparkle and brilliance, a pretty white color, with an impressive large carat weight size of 2.48.  A real looker!

Ideal for:  This diamond is perfect for the couple looking to have a white, show-stopping  2+ carat diamond for under $9k.

Price:  $8,330

Appraised value:  $24,603

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Recommended engagement ring pairing:  “The One” Classic Solitaire in 14K white gold.


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